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Taurin for cats

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Canina® Taurin für Katzen zur Erhaltung der Sehkraft und zur Unterstützung der Herzfunktion

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TAURIN for cats
A daily nutritional supplement for cats, prevent deficiencies, strenghens the heart and the eye sight

Taurin is a sulfuric amino acid contained in all animal body cells. Cats can not produce taurine themselfs. Taurin is essential for cats and must be provided with the meals. Taurin promotes the metabolism, strenghens the bodily defense, support the eyesight as well as the heart function and improves skin and coat. Valuable B-vitamins minerals and enzymes are provided by the added brewers yeast.

Canina® TAURIN FÜR KATZEN works:

  • metabolically stimulating
  • strengthens the immune system
  • supports vision
  • supports heart function
  • improves the skin
  • improves the coat

Lack of taurin causes:

  • degeneration of the retina, blindness
  • reproductive disorder
  • growth depression for kitten
  • neurological disorder for kitten
  • weakening of the defense system
  • spinal deformation
  • negative bloodflow properties

Trade size: 100g

Composition / Ingredients / Additives:

Composition: Yeast

Ingredients: Protein 83.8%, fat contant 1.6%, crude ash 2.5%, crude fiber 6.6%

Nutritional physiological additives per kg: 700g Taurin

Feeding recommandation per animal and day:
Adult cat up to 6kg: ½ teasponn
Adult cat over 6kg: 1 teaspoon
Kitten, young cat, pregnant and lactating cat: 1 teaspoon

(1 teaspoon = approx. 5g)

Mix and moisten Canina® TAURIN for cats with daily feed.

Canina® TAURIN for cats is optimally mixed for cats and highly digestible. Regardless of feeding type, moist, dry or raw (B.A.R.F.), supplementing geed with taurine is advisable. A overdosage is harmless and will be excreted by the body.

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