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Cellulose powder

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100% pure Cellulose, no additives, single animal nutrition for dogs and cats

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100% pure Cellulose, no additives – single animal nutrition for dogs and cats

Natural fiber

  • for a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • to facilitate weight loss
  • to improve the consistency of the feces

The pure Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER is derived from plant cell walls and, like starch, is a mutiple sugar. Unlike starch, however, cellulose does not degrade but acts as a colon cleanser and water-insoluble fiber.

Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER can be used in many ways:

  • For a trageted weight reduction at overweight, by partially replacing the regular feed with this low calorie and high fibre supplement providing the animal a saturated feeling without excess calories.
  • For colon cleansing, to support dysbalances in the intestines such as bloating, changing feces consistency, for optimized nutrient absorption from the intestine into the blood by preserving and protecting the villi; Stimulation of natural intestinal peristalsis.
  • The improved feces consistency (solid and volumious) optimizes the mechanical emptying of the anal glands by pressure and anal blockage is obstructed.
  • For cats Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER can help to eliminate swallowed hair more easily. Counteracting dangerous hairball formation in the digestive tract. A time-delayed administration with PETVITAL® CATLAX-GEL from Canina® is an optimal combination.
  • In the case of allergies, intolerances or poor acceptance of vegetables, fruits or fermented cereals at B.A.R.F. meals, Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER raplaces the necessary dietary fiber for intestinal health in the diet; the fibers are tasteless and odorless, hypoallergenic and are therefore eaten without problems.

Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER- versatile from puppy / kitten to senior pet, for a lifetime.

Trade size: 400g

Composition / Ingredients:

Composition: 100% cellulose powder

Ingredients: fat content 0%, crude fiber 80%, protein 0%, crude ash 22%

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
0.5g up to max. 1g per kg body weight, not to exceed 80g.
The animal should be slowly accustomed to the cellulose (increase the dosage up to max. 1g per kg over one to two weeks). Dry feed must be moistened. B.A.R.F. and moist feed contains sufficient fluids. If several meals are fed per day, the total amount of cellulose should be distributed to each meal.

For weight loss, to improve the consistency of the feces (solid, voluminous)
Replace approx. 5% up to max. 10% of the daily ration with the Canina® CELLULOSE POWDER. It must be noted that the reduction of the daily amount of food also reduces necessary vital substances. If this is done for more than 4 weeks, a vitamin-mineral supplement such as Canina® CANILETTEN should be fed to maintain a balanced metabolism and prvide the daily need for vitamins.

Provide sufficient fresh drinking water to avoid constipation.

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