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Barfer's Best 2000g

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Optimal supplement to the daily ration if you B.A.R.F. "Bone and Raw Foods"

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Weight: 2.25 kg
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Barfer's Best is an optimal supplement to the daily ration if you B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Foods)

„Barfing“ is getting more and more popular. Barfer's Best contains only natural vitamins and minerals, including calcium, which a dog fed with raw feed needs every day to fulfill its daily needs and to stay powerful. Therefore Barfer's Best is the ideal supplement feed if a dog is getting Bones and Raw Foods.

Barfer's Best contains:

- The calcium source calcium citrate, which is in comparison to other kind of calcium, easily absorbable without putting stress to the organism. Therefore it is also used for old and ill dogs. Calcium is essential for the bone-metabolism, the teeth, claws, for maintaining the musculature and for the protection against decalcification of bones in older age. In addition it activates many enzyme-systems and controls nerve-impulses and action of heart.

- Natural seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) delivers vitamins like carotenoid, the precursor of vitamin A, micro minerals like iodine and fluorine and many enzymes. They support the metabolism with essential amino-acids and support the pigmentation of coat, nose and pad.

- Tasty yeast as pure natural product delivers all other vitamins, including those of the vitamin B-complex and biotin. The high content of enzymes, natural minerals and trace elemens like e.g. zinc and fluorine support the willingness to perform, protect the skin and coat and complement the BARF-diet of your dog in an optimal way.

Content: 2000g

Feeding recommendation per dog and day:

1 teaspoon (app. 5g) per 10 kg body weight, maximal 6 teaspoons per day

Barfers's Best does not contain any artificial colorant or flavor additive

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