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The company Canina now has at least 35 over years of corporate history. The founding was in 1984 through the industrial clerk and former CEO Ingrid Spanke in Hamm.

As early as 1986 Mrs. Spanke could no longer own the business deal and her husband Manfred Spanke entered for sales in the company. Canina was then the first company in general, the supplementary feed was offered through the pharmacy. The demand began to rise sharply, so that the beginning of 1989 a warehouse and packing area had to be hired and the first employee was terminated.

The end of 1989, the sole proprietorship "Canina" in the "Canina pharma GmbH" renamed. In the same year it was the first foreign distribution partner in Austria (Canina Austria) and in Eastern Europe. The increased presence in the pet shops, at fairs and exhibitions with the acquaintance level increased, the need for additional staff for the office and field staff.

After they had fulfilled the appropriate conditions, the NRW State Canina issued at the beginning of the year 1992, the manufacturer's approval. That same year, the building of the current headquarters was rented (bought 2004) and a subsidiary company named "Canina pharma GmbH & Co.KG" founded, which are specifi cally (with the distribution of veterinary drugs exclusively to veterinarians and pharmacies) tackled. A veterinarian was recruited for the product development, product consulting, employee and customer training at home and abroad is responsible. Under the trademark "Original Canidos" was 1999, a product line exclusively for the veterinary practice introduced. The contract for the exclusive nationwide, the company was "Heiland Vet", today "Henry Schein Vet.", headquarters in Hamburg.

Since 2001, Canina is a recognized training organization.

Canina® pharma GmbH attaches great importance to excellent product quality and high customer satisfaction. The company was awarded the GERMAN BUSINESS AWARD in 2018, received the seal “Hammer Betriebs” and was certified in 2021 according to the EU Guidelines for Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

In addition to animal welfare, Canina also focuses on responsible handling and relieving the environment. In 2001 Canina received the “ÖKOPROFIT-Betrieb Hamm” and in 2020 the ÖKO certificate. Thanks to the „ÖKOlogical PROproject For Iintegrated environmentTechnologypractical measures to relieve the environment were developed and successfully implemented.

The high quality standards and sustainable production are firmly anchored in the company's goals. On the one hand, Canina® pharma GmbH plans to achieve further certifications according to internationally recognized quality standards in the next few years and, on the other hand, to make the packaging materials more environmentally friendly. The growing family business now has its own department for quality management.

The company's goal is to be the problem solver throughout the animal's life. In addition, Canina would like to get involved and do good. She supports animal welfare organizations and in 2019 alone donated over 400kg of supplemental feed and grooming products for animals in need.

A new building was completed in January 2008 and thus the office, storage and production rooms were increased by a total of approx. 1,500 square meters. The company premises that were still available allowed for a further expansion of a good 1,000 square meters, which began in 2015 and was completed in February 2016.

Meanwhile, the successor of the family business is secured. Son Tim Spanke, a degree in Business Law, took over in May 2009 the management.

To this day, has Canina continuously, so that now over 40 employees to ensure that the full range of products over 240 items will be placed on almost 3000 German pet shops, animal healing practices, dog grooming salons and in another approx. 50 countries around the world. In almost all of Europe, China, Singapore, Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Canina article can be found on the shelves of the local retailing. The largest parrot breeding farm located in the Philippines, also applies to vitamin and mineral mixtures of Canina. Moreover Canina manufactures its products for many well-known domestic and foreign companies under their own label.

The following trademarks are registered worldwide Canina®: CANINA®, PETVITAL®, CANIDOS®, CADOC®, CAPH®, CAPHA®, EQUOLYT® und MESOFLEX®